Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vista Production Group!

Hello Everyone,

This past Saturday we had the unveiling of the super secret comic project that I'm a part of, The Vista Production Group.  It is a group of terrific artists based here in Arizona and it will be a one stop access to all things creative and collectible.   The group was created by Brian Augustyn, formerly of DC comics the Flash and Jesse Criscione of the comics super store Jesse James Comics. Our first event had the release of our 1st book, which has all the creators information and great images of our various styles of art.  Here is a group shot of all of us as drawn by Mr. John Derrick West (Dadicus!).

I had a big write up on all of us but my Safari decided to crash and I lost all my blogging motivation to re type it all... So here we all are!  Keep a look out as we release more info about the group and our new creations.

Here is one NOW!

 This is a limited edition sketch cover that we have for our book.  This is a W.I.P. of Spacegirl Molly and I'll have the final version of it posted and on sale soon so let me know if you want it!  I also have a few blank covers left if you had an idea for me to draw just for you.   Shoot me an email if you do!

And here are some other paintings I've done in the past few weeks, one of which is featured in the Vista Inspirational Visions book- 

Space girl Molly- A New World
Space girl Molly- Landing

Afro Samurai... random I know but he is awesome

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