Monday, June 25, 2012

Whats New

So I don't have too many new pieces to show this week.   I pretty much decided since I just did 11 paintings in 3 days that I would take it a little easy this past week.  I did get a new watercolor done though and I'll post a little teaser of it since I have yet to scan it.  I probably won't post too many new things in the next few weeks either because I'm going to be working on some pieces for my portfolio to show at SDCC... I think it's time to finally get some feedback from the big boys....

Anyways, in other news I was invited by TRIBE Studios to appear at Hero Comics for this fundraiser here- 

so come on done and join us for a good cause!

So until next time

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sketch cards

Here are the 11 new sketch cards that I was recently commissioned to do.   It was a fun mini set to do, I have never really worked on any of these characters besides Batman, The Joker and Superman so it was interesting to try and capture their likenesses.  Thank you to my comic collection and Google for helping in those areas.  All of these paintings are watercolor paint and india ink on sketch cards (thin bristol board).  This was not wet into wet painting though, I tried to keep my brush as dry as possible to cut down on warp and paper failure since it's not really built for watercolor.  Overall the paper held up well and the customer likes them so thats all that is important in my book!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post Phoenix Comicon

So sorry i haven't posted much as of late, been keeping busy after Phoenix Comicon by finishing up some commissions and work for some friends.  The commissions are not all done yet but I'll post them next week when they are all complete.  However, I did finish a new painting recently for my friend Eric Esquivel's new super secret project.  This will be a cover of sorts so this is all pre lettering and Adobe Illustrator. I also put the final scan of Black Widow doing Laundry on here just so you could get a better idea of the finished product.   Anyways, sorry to keep it short but I need to go to bed so I can make it to the "real" job.