Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello everyone!

So as the title says, Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday May 4th.  I will be manning a table at Jesse James Comics from early morning until about 1 pm (maybe later depending on sketch demand).  Here is the nice flyer Jesse made for me the other day-


I love events at Jesse's, they are always lively and full of good people.  Jesse has taken care of me over the years so come on down and support his store!

I will have several new prints for purchase for $10 and a new collaboration piece with the great Ernie Najera that he drew and I painted (price TBD).  Here is what will be available- (If you miss FCBD and these don't sell out I will have these at Phoenix CC with a few more new ones as well)

Lines by Ernie Najera, colors by me, Matt Goodall

Speaking of Phoeinx Comicon, as I may have stated in previous posts, Long Dog Art will be at table 1743 and we will have original art for sale, a commission list and prints.  I have also added a sketch book to that list of items.  So if you buy the book from me the 1st sketch in the book drawn by me will be for free!  The book itself is $6 so this is a great value!  Click on the photo to get the names of the other artists and their tables so you can get some great original work from them as well.  Limited quantities so get them while they last.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Events and Recent Drawings

Hello everyone, here is a quick update on the upcoming events I am desperately trying to finish new art for...

4/22/13- 3:00pm to 3:45 - Record Store Day at Zia Records
  This will be an event promoting Spazdog Press and the 3 music themed books we produced; Break the Walls and Unite and Take over volumes one and two.  (I have stories in both Unite and Take Over's)  The other excellent creators appearing- Andy Bohn, Shawn Demumbrum, Michael Macropoulos, Gerald McConnell, Chris Mendoza and Michael Stewart.

5/4/13- 9am - 1pm - Free Comic Book Day at Jesse James Comics
This is a huge 2 day event at Jesse's with too many creators to type out.  I'll post a flyer on here when I have it but there are a lot of big names that will be there this year.

5/23- 26/13 - Phoenix Comicon at Phoenix Convention Center
This is the 1st year Long Dog will have our own table so we are really preparing to have some great original art and a wide variety of print art available as well as onsite commissions and other goodies. 

-After May we shall see, there are a couple of other Cons I am considering but we will just have to see if I have the funds and time off of work for them.

So I dont know if any of you are on Instagram or follow me on there but I update that site with doodles, sketches, works in progress and finished art almost daily.   Since I don't want to post some of my bigger ideas yet, here are a few pictures I've done over the past month or so.  

Ok, so this is a finished one that will be a print soon.  Molly and the Night Owls

This is a contribution to the Warbirds of Wars book that will be coming out in May.