Friday, December 7, 2012

Boba Fett Step by Step

Hello Everyone,

So what I have for you today is the step by step process I used for my most recent commissioned painting.  A friend of mine wanted a big action shot of Boba Fett looking awesome, so I did my best to achieve that... This painting is big, one of the biggest watercolor paintings I've ever done to be honest.  I usually keep my paintings small and in odd sizes, just to make it fun for me come framing time... Anyways, its a 20 x 24 inches watercolor on Arches Rives BFK 140lb printmaking paper.  I remembered (at least I think I remembered) that paper always held up well to heavy water saturation from my printmaking days and I felt like experimenting.  I will let you all decide if you like it or not but I feel it actually turned out pretty nice. So here we go-

Initial quick sketch of the pose.  I found an awesome reference photo on a stock site of a woman jumping back shooting guns.  So I just adjusted the anatomy to a mans and made it Boba.  Easy peasy.  I wanted a shot of Boba hovering in the sky shooting out at the viewer.

I taped up the paper to my masonite drawing board and finished the drawing on the easel so I could actually see what I was doing.

Close up.  This was drawn in 2h and hb lead pencils.

I decided to make this a gun fight happening on Tatooine, with lasers all over and the Millenium Falcon and a Star Destroyer far above in the sky.  So this image is the 1st application of paint.  I soaked the paper and just steadily kept dabbing in the yellow/ brown colors the give an effect of a hot, dusty desert scene.  

So I skipped ahead a bit but I started to add in the colors for his armor and gauntlets.  Obviously in some areas I even added in some of my shadows and details.  

More detail!  Lasers and muzzle flashes added.  The MF and Star Destroyer painted in using some atmospheric perspective to try and show that high above in the distance.

The feet and the fire and smoke from Boba's rockets are added in.  More detail!  And it's finished...

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