Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yeah right... but my name and pretty face is now available to view on the Phoenix Comicon Website in Comic Artist section. Actually, heres my section from the link!


Being a brand new home owner and father to a newborn wasn't enough to Matt, so he decided to complicate things further by signing up to create and draw his own comic book about parenthood. Sonic Youth is about parents who find out their child's annoying screams aren't just annoying, they can be destructive. His Deviantart page is Matt will be signing at the SpazDog Press table ( at the Phoenix Comicon.

Heres the page for all the other artists that will be joining in on the fun Memorial Day weekend-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Art and into the future...

Here are a few of the projects I have been working on recently. The Phoenix Comicon badge art contest is coming up so I have been working on my submissions. Here is my Supergirl painting, Hulk ruining a another pair of clothes to his dismay, and Giant Girl unsuccessfully attracting men her own height... I'm still working on Buddha Monkey, I have 5 pages down and 19 to go... hopefully I'll get another started today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jesse James, New stuff, BTBAM!

The Jesse James Event went well this past weekend, met some new artists and fans which is always fun. Here are some of the images from the event, there are several of me floating out there on Libby Rich's site and Facebook, these are just of my friends and the art i contributed that day. Buddha Monkey, my new project, has been going well and I'm really excited to see the work once finished by the inker and colorist. I still have quite a few pages to go but the 4 I've finished so far are some of my best work ever. More to come on that project as I can post and talk about it.

On a side note, Between the Buried and Me just released a portion of their new song and I have to say, the 6 minutes posted is some of the most amazing music I've ever listened to. If you don't listen to them and you like heavier music buy their albums, you are missing out on a completely visceral experience!