Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oscillate Wildly and fun with markers

Oscillate Wildly, Pg 1 panel 2

Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, Copics, india ink

Random, markers and ink

Angel lost her wings, markers, ink

Dark Mary Marvel, markers, ink
So I've been putting in a normal 40 hour work week (ugh) plus another 20+ (more then that too if you count the hours i put in on my down time at the real job) of my own time for the past 4 weeks to pencil, ink, and grey tone the story Oscillate Wildly.  For all the time I put in I'm generally happy with the outcome.  As always, I completed it and I'm really happy with some images while also really wishing I had time to re work others... but I don't.  Deadline is here and I'm just glad to be done with it.  As much as I love telling straight forward stories I'm excited to try and push myself into new genres and explore mixing in a "painterly"style into my work.  I have several ideas for images that I hope to have done in time for Phoenix Comicon... scratch that, I Will have done in time for Comicon.  Here are some practice images in markers that will be somewhat similar to what I will have in store for you once con rolls aroundbut think more Hopper and less pin up .

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