Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art is frustrating...

So, I don't know if you've all heard but the Phoenix Comicon is coming up in a couple of months!  I'm on a wait list to get my own table so hopefully I hear back soon because I really would like to announce (and plan for) that we will be there... Anyways, thats one frustrating thing, another is working on art itself when its just not turning out the way you had planned it.  I spent about 15 hours this weekend working on one small piece and I still don't think I'm happy with it.  The piece itself is an entry for the Phoenix CC badge art contest.  I wanted to do 3  pieces but because of my screw ups... I get one.  Here are the examples, the screwed up water color painting version, the re drawn inked version, and the final   digital painting.


watercolor version- Batwoman has dressed up for PHX CC with her new logo on her belt- hours of grey toning ruined by her unique hip placement(hips thrust forward to show off belt) and bad technique on my part.  I just blacked suit in in frustration.
Re drawn version, no tones, just straight black india ink (Koh-I-Noor brand to be exact)

Digitally painted version- I used several different types of "wet and dry" brushes, no traditional Photoshop air brushes for her.  Closer to what I had in mind for the original water color except I feel it is missing some of the effects that I really wanted to try and add in with the water color... and thats just my lack of digital painting knowledge..

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