Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A new panel

Hello all, so I've already broke my resolution to post once a week... oh well.  Here is a treat for you to show that yes, I actually have been working on art and not just working my day job and playing xbox...

This is a panel from page one of Oscillate Wildly, which will be a story in Unite and Take Over 2 published by Spazdog Press.  Hopefully I did my job and you can tell this is a scene in a doughnut shop...  This is pre grey tone and pre clean up.  If you look close you can see all my sketchyness, mistakes and possible word balloons in the mix. This is 2h pencil, brush with india ink, Pitt india ink pens for straight lines all on canson comic board... so it can't take ink wash being much too light weight of paper, it would warp like all hell and look terrible.  Plus I can cheat and clean up any mistakes in Photoshop so thats how I'll paint the grays.

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