Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watercolor step by step

So I figured I would post a nice step by step tutorial of sorts for my painting process.  Of course I got a little carried away and forgot to write down everything I did and stop and take photos.  But, this still is a pretty good example of how I go about creating my watercolor paintings.  So here we go..

Initial Pencils, lightly drawn with a 2h and 4h pencil on Arches watercolor paper.  I like to keep the pencils light so they won't take away from the paint.

1st layer of paint is mop brushed in.  I generally soak the areas i want the paint to flow into and then dab in light tones as a underpainting effect.  Then I added some darker tones to the areas that will help give the painting a full range of values and depth.

So I forgot to take pictures of some of the rendering phases so this is painting as almost complete.  I've added in quite a bit of burnt sienna and indigo blue for my dark values along with mixing in quite a bit of permanent magenta for my warmer values for wolvie's skin tone.

So here is the finished version (for now).  I've added in some watered down india ink to give wolverine a slight "inking" look and to really add some darks into the shadow areas.  Once dry I will probably go back in and add some more darks to the image to finish fleshing out all the values I want in there. 

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