Sunday, October 24, 2010

New News, Not old News...

Alright! I finally have the script for Sonic Youth Issue 4 in my hands and I have to say, it's going in a direction even I didn't expect. (Disclaimer, I may be the creator and gave the general idea for the book but every detail in the script in Shawn's own creation, and he is doing a terrific job in my opinion.) I'm super excited to get going on this one because it is another issue that is going to really test my skill and creativity as an artist. The next item is Tucson Comicon, which is only 2 weeks away now. I'm going to have several new sketch cards, prints and the compiled version of Sonic Youth 1-3 with a color cover. Plus, I'll also be taking commissions at the show so come ready with ideas. Hope you all can make it down to show and see you soon. For now, enjoy some sketch cards.


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