Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Events and Recent Drawings

Hello everyone, here is a quick update on the upcoming events I am desperately trying to finish new art for...

4/22/13- 3:00pm to 3:45 - Record Store Day at Zia Records
  This will be an event promoting Spazdog Press and the 3 music themed books we produced; Break the Walls and Unite and Take over volumes one and two.  (I have stories in both Unite and Take Over's)  The other excellent creators appearing- Andy Bohn, Shawn Demumbrum, Michael Macropoulos, Gerald McConnell, Chris Mendoza and Michael Stewart.

5/4/13- 9am - 1pm - Free Comic Book Day at Jesse James Comics
This is a huge 2 day event at Jesse's with too many creators to type out.  I'll post a flyer on here when I have it but there are a lot of big names that will be there this year.

5/23- 26/13 - Phoenix Comicon at Phoenix Convention Center
This is the 1st year Long Dog will have our own table so we are really preparing to have some great original art and a wide variety of print art available as well as onsite commissions and other goodies. 

-After May we shall see, there are a couple of other Cons I am considering but we will just have to see if I have the funds and time off of work for them.

So I dont know if any of you are on Instagram or follow me on there but I update that site with doodles, sketches, works in progress and finished art almost daily.   Since I don't want to post some of my bigger ideas yet, here are a few pictures I've done over the past month or so.  

Ok, so this is a finished one that will be a print soon.  Molly and the Night Owls

This is a contribution to the Warbirds of Wars book that will be coming out in May.  

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