Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Stuff

I recently bought a nice little file cabinet to keep most of my art organized.  I couldn't afford one of those nice big flat file systems but this one could at least keep all of my 20 x 14 or smaller stuff in a safe place instead of occupying a cramped portfolio or my floor.  So I had to actually dig through all my old portfolios and random piles of drawings today which was a fun experience.  I have art from high school all the way through what I'm doing now so it is interesting to see how I grew as an artist, then fall apart as an artist after college and to be where I am now.  

 It was interesting looking through my old prints that I did back in college; to look back at my artistic process and my frame of mind back then was kind of an eye opening experience.  I had an extremely dark sense of humor (still do, I just don't draw it), a lot of nudes (still draw those) and I was ok with experimenting on my intaglio plates and aquatints until I made the piece work or until I obliterated the plate.  I still experiment all the time with my style but not to the extent I used too.  If I had more time to play around in a studio maybe I would get that adventurous again... I don't see that happening anytime soon with my other obligations in life but one can always hope.

Here are some of the prints I dug up, none of these are the super dark or really offensive ones, just a couple of WWII prints and one of my prints from a hobo series I did.  Maybe one day post some of the dark social commentary but not today-

This is one of the ones I eventually destroyed the plate.  I believe this was the 3rd run on this plate.  The smoke the soldiers were running into definitely got too dark but I still liked this version.

This was watercolor I did soon after getting to Arizona, so around 2003/04 time frame.  Right before I quit pursuing an art career for a few years(bad decision on my end).   This was done during the time frame that I was obsessed with schematics and plaid.  Lots of fun paintings came out of that period.  I'm sure I'll revisit that theme again...

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And this was my drawing of the day.  I've found this little app the other day that has all these random poses for the iphone.  It's great because it has all the musculature mapped out correctly and I'm always in need of anatomy practice so thats what this one is.  I would normally post drawings of the day on Instagram but I think they frown on nudity and I don't feel like getting banned.  This was about 45 minutes total, 2h, 2b, 4b pencils- 

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