Monday, April 23, 2012

New Stuff! FCBD! Math?

Hello everyone, here is this week's nonsensical ramblings-
First up, I finished up my latest watercolor over the weekend and here is the final scan of it... the scan is not perfect, they still seem to wash out the lighter colors and also add some strange textures to the image that are not in the actual painting.  However, these are only in a few small areas so I'm not going to worry about it that much.

Ms Marvel in Public 2012 watercolor, hot press paper
  The whole idea I have for this picture and for the rest of the series of paintings is based off the fact that I wanted to keep drawing super heros but I wanted to portray them as normal people doing the normal mundane things and routines that we have in our everyday lives.  I wanted to make these paintings as fine art rather than the graphic qualities we have today in normal comics.  Why?  I just want to do something different with the characters I love in different situations and mediums that I rarely see used now a days.

I also have been working on a few other ideas recently and it has to do with adding some math into my art... wait, huh?  I'm honestly the last person you ever want to ask about math, I'm sure I couldn't even pass math 055 at CMU right now.... but anyways, what I'm doing is as old as art itself or at least from the Renaissance period or so for painting.  I'm going to try to incorporate the Golden Ratio with a special focus on the Golden or Fibonacci Spiral into my work.  Look it up, it's way too much to type.  Wiki it...  Anyways, spirals have so much movement and are very aesthetically pleasing to me so I will be drawing my normal basic forms but there will be spirals creating the whole of my compositions.  I blame all of this on the band TOOL.  I've always loved them and recently I've really been listening to the interesting time signatures  and lyrics they were using in Lateralus and 10000 Days and it got me thinking about Fibonacci, art and life in general and now here we are... Here is a practice drawing I did the other day that has the general idea but without all of the measurements(which I'm sure I probably won't do perfect, because I'm lazy) or ideas I have for the backgrounds...
india ink, pencil on paper-  the hair will especially have all of the spirals the future images... does this one?  only in a few areas.  this is VERY rough btw...

I will also be at Drawn to Comics on Free Comic Book Day (May 5th) with a bunch of amazing artists so check it out here-  www.DrawnToComics.com531341_10150771673929791_53879999790_9338982_1684439702_n.jpg

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