Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Art and Upcoming events

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by the other day at Jesse James Comics. It was great to talk to all of you and for those of you that purchased my work thanks again as well! Here is a little article with photos of the event and I'm that guy in the last panel that is concentrating really hard...

Here are some of my new finished works, the refinished color cover for the complete Sonic Youth #1, which is a compilation of the 1st 3 mini comics, a Bat Girl and Cat Woman sketch Card(s).

The next definite event will be at the Tucson Comic Con November 6th, which will have the complete 1st issue for purchase as well as many, many sketch cards and prints. If you ever want a commissioned piece please contact me via the long dog art email address, my deviantart page, the Sonic Youth fan page on Facebook or my facebook page...

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