Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wow, it has been a long time since I've updated this blog!  I've honestly been staying busy sketching and 
posting on my Instagram account! I promise, check it out! However, most of the stuff posted on Instagram 
are my daily doodles, not my completed work.  As of right now I'm splitting time drawing a story by Edward
Harris for the newest Spazdog Press book which will be out sometime in 2014 and my own private series 
of paintings that I eventually hope are in a gallery somewhere... 

Here is the most recent painting and the steps that it went thru in the painting process.  It's a mix of 
watercolor, acrylic paints and a little color pencil.  It's tentatively titled Spacegirl on Plaid and it's 
17x22 in size on watercolor paper.  
Spacegirl on Plaid by Matt Goodall 17x22 on cold press watercolor paper

these are edited because Instagram is afraid of nudity apparently
Here is the next painting on deck.  There will be plenty of edits to this but this will be the general idea for the 
next big piece-

And here is my post from earlier today on the Longdogart Facebook page of my most recent event-

Spidey Sense
Colossal BoyAres
Ship WreckAlice, American McGee version
DeadpoolPhoenixDarth Maul
Yesterday I attended the 3rd Annual Kids Need to Read Day : The Halloween Comicfest at Heroes Comics and Gaming.  I’ve worked these shows for the Kids Need to Read charity in the past and once again I had a great time talking shop with my fellow artists and sketching for all those that donated to this worthy cause.  I want to thank everyone that came down and purchased a sketch and checked out my original art, I truly appreciate the kind words and the support.  I’m sorry to those of you I had to turn down for sketches, the list just escalated quickly and I got behind as usual… Please contact me if there is anything you are interested in me drawing for you in the future.  
Thanks again to Todd and the crew at Heroes and to all my wonderful artists and friends that joined in the fun, Andy Bohn, Al Sparrow, Christy Moeller,  and Heather Martin.
Here are the images that I completed for the day.  All but the watercolor Spidey that I did for Todd took between 20 and 30 minutes, usually due to my enormous indecision on poses.

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