Sunday, June 2, 2013

Post Phoenix Comicon and Recent Stuff

Hmmm.  So I just realized I didn't post anything at all in the month of May.  Oh well, it is pretty obvious I am not the most dutiful blogger and in my defense, I did stay pretty busy the whole month.  The big two events of my year have now come and gone, Free Comic Book Day and Phoenix Comicon, and I am happy to say they both went pretty well.  I learned a lot from the experience of being on my own this year instead of being a guest at a booth and hopefully I'll be able to use that knowledge to be better prepared for cons in the years to come.  I may have some other events later on in the year that I will be attending but as of now I will be attending San Diego but only in "professional" status, not as an exhibitor.

So until then I will working on a few new paintings that I want to get done and working on Spacegirl Molly's story.  I will have a post on my new work in the next 2 weeks.  I promise.

Anyways, here is the art that I've worked over the past month -

little red riding hood commission

commission for a nice couple who wanted to be painted as Link and Zelda

a commission for a young lady.  This is her character who I can not find the name of...

My first piece of Space Girl Molly fan art.  Now I really got to get the story in the works!

Drawn by Ernie Najera, photoshop colors by me.  This one is almost done, just needs some touch ups and some lighting effects.

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