Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Everyday Hero painting and more!

Large post today!  So I've been posting for awhile now that I would do a fairly comprehensive description of my painting process and now I have somewhat made good on my threats.  But first, in other news, Phoenix Comicon is 2 days away!  I will be at booth 1001 with Spazdog Press which is prime real estate right across from the Zenescope Booth.  My latest contribution to the interior work is also being released this Thursday in Unite and Take Over: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Smiths Volume 2.  I did all of the art for the story Oscillate Wildly (written by Chris Murrin and Andy Jewett) so come buy one if your in town for the con or order one from Spazdog Press.  I will also be taking commissions and I'll have several prints available for purchase too.  Hope to see you all there!

Oh and I forgot to add- I will be participating in one of the sketch offs on Friday from 12 to 1pm, so come and yell at us to draw some fun stuff!

Here is a painting from start to finish. This is Laundry Day... until I come up with a more creative title

Pencil drawing, I believe a number 2h lead.  The drawing/ painting is on 10x 16 Arches hot press paper.  I removed the paper from the block of paper because I like the freedom of the paper being directly on the board, rather than attached to a bulky stack of paper and having my wrist drop off the side as I paint.  If you aren't familiar with watercolor blocks they are usually the best way to paint with watercolor because the sheets are tightly packed together in a block with some special glue.  The glue that tightly packs the paper together really helps cut down on the paper warping as you keep applying water.  However, if you use enough tape and good enough paper (heavier weight the better) you should also achieve success going with my method of taping it to a large drawing board.

the general layout of colors.  For the most part this is all done with a lot of water and a mop brush.   I'll use a flat brush here and there for edges that I don't want to bleed.  The whole paper is not covered in water though, just the areas where I know I'm going to keep building richer colors into.  Areas that I'm going to have a high white/ light reflections are left white for now... also the areas where I'm not sure what I'm going to...   Also notice that really nice streak on the right?  Thats what happens when you don't pay attention to your materials and use a dirty rag to clean up an unwanted bleed.  Luckily I was able to cover most of it and it didn't ruin the piece...

Building a little more, working on the areas I know are going to be darker, the dryer and her purple pants... Why purple for Black Widow?  I don't know, I just figured she would be tired of black and gray outfits all the time and want some color in her life on her down time.  Plus they remind me of my wife's favorite pajama bottoms.

Getting some more dark hues in and some black for her outfit.  This is down with some grays I've built up and by mixing in ultramarine blue and orange.  I later cheat and use winsor & newton black because I'm lazy.  Hair is also darkened by adding some burnt sienna and burnt umber in with my orange...  Not all at once but in phases.

More areas worked on, starting to flesh her out some more, some work done on the shirt...

The clothes piles finally get a little detail.  Her face,  neck and shoulders get the details added in.  Also decide to go with black house shoes because the blue was matching my choice of cool shadows on the floor.  The belt, gun and Widow bite wrist bands get some work done.

Sorry, still haven't scanned this one yet, but final touches are added and I'm done.    Or I should say I'm afraid to take it any further because it's the look I was going for.... which is how I usually decide somethings done.  Or I swear and throw stuff and say stuff is done because I hate it. This one turned out fine though.

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