Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Laryngitis, Art and More!

Who has 2 thumbs, a mean case of laryngitis and 2 days left of voting for his Phoenix Comicon Badge Art Contest? This GUY! So yell at your friends to vote for me since I can't :) [link]

As for my work I'm still working on the pencils for Buddha Monkey Issue 2 and they are coming along nicely. Sonic Youth 5 is just about ready so any social life and sleep will soon be gone when I'm working on both. I also have about 15 new sketch cards that are sketched in and waiting for color, I just haven't had the time to finish them up yet. I'm hoping by May 26th (PHX Comicon) I'll have about 20 new sketch cards, prints of my badge art and my Hawkeye drawing and issue 5 of Sonic Youth complete. Also, if any one wants a commission done by or at PHXCC just send me a shout and I'll get working on that too.

Last but least for all my metal heads out there, Between the Buried and Me just released their new EP Parallax: the Hypersleep Dialogues. So just go buy it because once again, they will melt your mind with their songs!

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