Saturday, July 3, 2010

I attended the "Independents Day" event at Samurai Comics today and once again had a blast hanging out with the guys from Spazdog and conversing with the other artists and attendees. The event had some big name people there, Brian and Kristy Miller from Hi- Fi Color had a panel (which I missed Unfortunately). I once again had the pleasure of conversing with Daniel Davis and watching him create his new villain for Monster Commute. Has ability to fly thru and draw with Adobe Illustrator was amazing. I also met another amazing artist, Meredith McClaren ( Her style is very so clean and polished, I was very impressed with her work. When I wasn't talking to the wonderful fans and artists, I did happen to actually work! I worked on a few sketch cards today, nothing fancy, but it was fun to try and draw really, really small. I've also included a sketch for a massive painting I'm working on because Erin says it is the "most favorite thing I've ever done." So even though it's not even done yet, I had to show it off...

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